Let the turban see the racists…

Before tonight’s show of Take Me Out, I was sceptical when I found out that a ‘Singh’ was going to be on the show. It was something that had been joked about between friends if this was ever to happen, like what song you would come down to or what colour pagh (turban) you would wear.

Today, this finally became reality when a Singh actually came down the lift. I was worried about how this could mean Singh’s came across to the public. The general opinion was known that he was going to get a ‘blackout’. People like me said that this was demeaning towards all Sikhs. However, after thinking about the whole situation, I would like to apologise to Param from Take Me Out and say thank you to him.

To everyone that watched Take Me Out tonight, we saw a particular quote from one of the girls. Jodie disrespected, in my opinion, my religion- Sikhism. She said that she didn’t like taking her handbag out with her because it got in her way, so with a turban, she could put her phone and other accessories into it.

Nowadays, people relate the turban to terrorists such as Osama Bin Laden. These people need educating as they don’t know the difference between religions. On Twitter and Facebook today, I have seen people stating, “Oh look its 9/11 and the terrorist is coming down the lift”. This may be called as ‘casual banter’ however the turban is an important part of Sikhism. In addition, the twitter trend #casualturbanracisim started. My question(s) to the people that start these trends is what do you actually know about the turban?Image

I believe the problem is the UK education. Obviously, people haven’t been educated regarding Sikhism. It has been a couple of years since I’ve left school and from what I can remember there was nothing in the syllabuses regarding Sikhism. The obvious religions that kids learn about is the ‘main three’ Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. For people not to know about Sikhism and relate the pagh (turban) to anyone seen wearing one is wrong. Within Sikhism, the pagh is key part of the religion; it is called the crown that Sikhs wear.

Racism can be found everywhere, most recently with Kevin Prince Boateng walking off the football pitch because of racial abuse from football fans. I fully believe that this story should have got the media attention received, because there is no place for racism. But this story will go undercover because it is something to be ‘expected’. Why should Sikhs accept racism of this kind? Why should Sikhs that wear paghs get abuse because one bad person has been published with a turban? Why does society accept this type of racism? WHY?!!!

On a personal note, I would love to see this story taken national, but I know it won’t happen because ‘it’s expected’. People say that racism in the UK has disappeared but in fact it is very much still here, just not for all to see.

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15 thoughts on “Let the turban see the racists…

  1. MaaviPoet

    GREAT blog
    well said and well spoken
    really do hope your views get put across and taken into. It really is important.
    i do understand the importance of the turban in the “Sikh” religion and its sacredness and a majority of people are infact uneducated.

    It is also a part of the muslim religion due to the fact that our noble prophet may peace be upon him wore one and the arabs of that time as it was culture and tradition. We wear them because he did, and he wore it as a sign of humbleness.

    The stereo type of terrorism which actually has nothing to do with Islam at all because Islam doesn’t infact teach such a thing has gone widespread and only uneducated people will believe in it.

    i am glad you are speaking up which alot of people are afraid of doing.
    keep it up my friend

    may peace be with you

  2. therealchrisparkle

    A very interesting read, which will hopefully make a lot of people think twice! At school I was certainly never taught about Sikhism (our religious education was simply Christian indoctrination), and I agree entirely that it’s important for people to get a proper factual understanding about other religions and not the simple racism/islamophobia peddled by the media – nasty trashy newspapers, and programmes like the ITV show you mentioned which I am glad I did not see. I feel sure that education is the key to eradicating prejudice. It would be great if one day it was a thing of the past.

  3. Eleanor Whitfield

    I think its disgusting that anyone should be racist towards any religion. I myself am recently converted muslim but i respect other peoples beliefs and luckily i do know that the turban and hair is considered sacred in sikhism*apologies if anything i say is wrong* but maavipoet..i think what ur referring to is one of two things…some muslim men wear a topi a sort of small cap when they pray..and some mem particularly saudis tend to wear a full headscarf(hijab) for the same reasons women do..however the last one is sunnah(the way of prophet muhammed peace be upon him) this is something not obligatory but men get good deeds for covering their hair

  4. PBol

    I totally agree with you, well said. I’m very surprised they didn’t edit the ‘phone in your turban’ part out – it was so disrespectful! Personally, at my school they did teach about Sikhi – but still not to the extent of other religions covered in the curriculum. Thank you for inspiration for my blog post today! 🙂

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  7. Sara

    not sure where have you heard that racism has disappeared in the UK! It is institutionalised and can be felt on many aspects of life not just with sikhism!!!


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